Investigation and design of water resources and hydropower projects are to provide comprehensive technical service for government, society and project owner, undertaking significant economical, political and social responsibility. At present, construction of water resources and hydropower project is no longer merely an engineering issue or a technical issue but a system engineering closely relevant to ecological protection, immigrant resettlement, economic development and social stability.

Under high attention to performance of enterprise’s social responsibility, during investigation and design, obeying natural laws, POWERCHINA BEIJING always insists national guidance of balance reasonable resource utility, environmental protection and immigrant resettlement thereof national energy policy, power demand, energy saving and emission reduction and social development and integration are all considered in investigation and design to continuously optimize engineering design scheme and practically undertake the responsibility of the time “build energy-saving environment-friendly society”.

Under high attention to project quality and safety, POWERCHINA BEIJING always insists meticulous investigation and design to timely provide high-quality design according to the requirements for contract execution thus sufficiently meet the requirements for construction progress, quality and safety, and continuously improve the customer’s satisfaction under the enterprise value system of “serving for the customers, contributing to the society”.

Employees of POWERCHINA BEIJING take an active part in earthquake relief, tuition assistance, blood donation without payment, support for public welfare establishment and “donation of love”, embodying social responsibility sense of hydropower constructor.


Donation Ceremony

Ceremony for Power China Beijing Engineering Corporation Limited Donate to Earthquake Stricken Area


Fun games

Donation Ceremony of School Uniform

The bike I Bought for Annie

The Children from Impoverished Mountainous Area Received Their Desired Gifts