Beijing Engineering Corporation fully engages in expanding EPC business in recent years and gains great achievements. The EPC projects undertaken by Beijing Engineering Corporation are as follows: Yuanshanzi Wind Park in Zhangbei; 400MWp  Ghana EPC Solar Project Phase I(50MWp); Adama Phase II Wind Park in Ethiopia; Inhabitants resettlement of Dahuaqiao Power Station;20MW EPC Distributed PV for Zhuduan Industrial Park  in Jinhu county; Equipment Procurement and EPC for 30MWp PV Project(Phrase II 100MW PV in Xinjiang); Wulanghe PowerStation; Xihe Power Station; Beiweizi Wind Park in Inner Mongolia(49.5MW); Nuomuhong Wind Park in Qinghai(49.5MW); Fuxing PV and etc.Beijing Engineering Corporation accumulates great experiences in undertaking EPC project both at home and aboard which is of great significance for upgrading the businesses.